Our technology

We make antimicrobial nanocoatings that help keep the surfaces free of microbial colonization. The microbes are killed only upon direct contact with the surface. Since the biocide is not released, the microorganisms contact only with high surface concentrations, rather than with increasingly diluted amounts of biocide, which could lead to selection of resistant strains.

Matera participates in Portugal-China joint project

Matera is participating in a joint project with Instituto de Engenharia Biomédica (Porto), Zhejiang University (China), Zhejiang Zylox Medical Device (China) and IPATIMUP (Porto) entitled “Biofunctional coatings for cardiovascular interventional devices”. The project is jointly funded by FCT and MOST. Matera will apply its coating technology in medical devices, specifically catheters. Read more here.

Matera among the hottest startups in Portugal 2013

Matera was ranked among the 50 hottest startups of the year 2013 by the Portuguese website NovaWeb.