BiocantBiocant Ventures and Lino Ferreira have founded Matera in January 2009. The company is pioneer in the development of materials and surfaces with antimicrobial properties for biomedical, environmental, and industrial applications. The patented coatings can be used in devices or general surfaces in order to prevent or mitigate their colonization by microorganisms. Company current focus in terms of biomedical applications is the development of antimicrobial materials and coatings for dental applications, while for environmental/industrial applications are materials and coatings for furniture. Matera is located at Biocant Park in Cantanhede and currently employs 4 full-time professionals. Matera has partnerships with international companies in the biomedical and furniture areas, and scientific collaborations with the Center for Neuroscience and Cell BiologyUniversity of Coimbra, and Biocant-Center of Innovation in Biotechnology.