Matera among the 50 hottest startups in Portugal 2013

Matera was considered one of the 50 hottest portuguese startups of the year by novaweb.

The criteria used for this ranking were the following:

 1 – Disruptive Factor

How is this startup’s technology different from what exists in the market? Is is a completely new concept or a copycat?

2 – Global Impact

What’s the scale and reach of the startup – is it just for a niche market, or could potentially affect everyone’s lives?

3 – Communication Stratgy and Media Buzz

One of the most difficult things that startups have to dois stand out from the thousands of projects that appear everyday. Have they nailed it? How are their Social Media / Blogs? Do they appear on the news frequently?

4 – Investment Appeal

Startups with a sound business model are more attractive to investors. Has the startup developed a clear way to make revenue that will attract investors? If you were a Business Angel, would you invest in it?