New publication in Biomaterials Journal

The effect of particles coated with Amphotercin B was thoroughly studied on two human cell types, namely Endothelial Cells, present in the inside of blood vessels, and skin Fibroblasts. The pourposes of this study were to assess in vitro  the safe dose of these nanoparticles and, in a more fundamental perspective, to clarify the mechanisms of cytotoxicity of this kind of particles above the maximum tolerated dose.

The toxicity of the particles was dose dependant and was higher when the cells took up the nanoparticles from the surrounding medium. While Fibroblasts internalized low amounts of nanoparticles and tolerated concentrations as high as 400 μg/mL, Endothelial Cells were internalizing higher amounts of particles and suffered toxic effects from concentrations above 10 μg/mL.

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