Matera has developed a proprietary technology based on the conjugation of biocidal agents with inert nanoparticles, creating nanoconjugates with enhanced stability and unique properties.

This technology allows for the biocide to become active in the coating without being consumed.

Unlike other additives that require leaching from the coating to act chemically on the microorganisms (act by poisoning), AMBIO acts physically on the microorganisms by disrupting their membranes (act by contact) without leaching from the coated surface.

This mode of action not only is more durable since there is no consumption of the active agent, but it is also more sustainable and efficient because it requires less of the active agent and doesn’t release it on the environment.

Additionally, since the biocide attacks the membrane is less likely that the microorganisms develop resistance to this agent than it is for the poisoning agents.

Patent: Antimicrobial Complexes (PCT/EP2013/058166)

SEM image